About The Talent Index

Human Capital is the new delta This is why we created The Talent Index.

World leading entrepreneurs and A.I. teams partnered with world leading universities and data science think tanks, allows enterprise to profile the employee lifecycle, manage risk and improve performance while benchmarking enterprise and industry Human Capital in real time.

Leveraging the latest tech and machine learning, The Talent Index continuously profiles talent to find patterns, trends & correlations so enterprise doesn’t have to. We are disruptive. We are talent.

Our Vision

Solving the worlds toughest human capital problems by revolutionising business and education

The Talent Index is the first real-time, data driven Human Capital Index, a centralised, machine learning repository that creates a complete and transparent overview of Human Capital in enterprise.

Human Capital data is collected from clients, social media, credit agencies and other sources in near-real time to provide a complete overview Human Capital movements and trends as they happen. Information, predictions and recommendations are provided through easy to read dashboards that are fully customisable.

The Talent Index predicts enterprise and market talent conditions through trend monitoring, talent clustering and talent profiling.

TTI: Base

All available data is ingested in to the Data Processing AI Engine and processed, predicting human behaviour based on various sets of data.

Data can include all company HR data (ERP systems, Payroll Systems, Applicant tracking systems and others) which can be supplemented with data from any of the existing product suites, including TTi Social, TTi Secure, TTi Interactive or TTi Pro.

TTi Pro:

TTi has Partnered with The Good People Data Company, one of South Africa’s leading data companies to responsibly provide near-real-time access to people data. Data sets include Credit Checks, Home Affairs Verification, Deeds Data, Vehicle Data, CIPRO data and various other data sets to complement existing HR data and to understand the financial risk and exposure within a particular functions or geo-locations or a project workforce. TTi Pro is POPI compliant and audited by one of the major law firms in South Africa.

TTi Interactive:

Chat bots can be deployed to complement existing data sets within the existing HR Database. Questions can be tailored to get to the bottom of root issues within an organisation which employees may not be willing to volunteer to another person, such as HR. Chat bots can be triggered at particular events, such as resignations, tenure milestones or after training and upskilling events. Information and feedback can be de-identified for peace of mind for the employees to ensure useful feedback is provided to the business.

TTi Social:

TTi offers Social Media Screening Reports for employers & insurers. The social media report provides vital information for employers and insurers to assist with strategic decision making, risk management and employer value proposition strategies.

We are disruptive. We are Talent.

TTi Secure:

Complete identity verification and trust elevation through biometrics, combating identity fraud.

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