About The Talent Index

Human Capital is the new delta This is why we created The Talent Index.

World leading entrepreneurs and A.I. teams partnered with world leading universities and data science think tanks, allows enterprise to profile the employee lifecycle, manage risk and improve performance while benchmarking enterprise and industry Human Capital in real time.

Leveraging the latest tech and machine learning, The Talent Index continuously profiles talent to find patterns, trends & correlations so enterprise doesn’t have to. We are disruptive. We are talent.

Our Vision

Solving the worlds toughest problems by revolutionising business and education

The Talent Index is the first real-time, data driven Human Capital Index, a centralised, machine learning repository that creates a complete and transparent overview of Human Capital in enterprise.

Human Capital data is collected from clients, social media, credit agencies and other sources in near-real time to provide a complete overview Human Capital movements and trends as they happen. Information, predictions and recommendations are provided through easy to read dashboards that are fully customisable.

The Talent Index predicts enterprise and market talent conditions through trend monitoring, talent clustering and talent profiling.

The Talent Index can predict when key individuals are likely to resign, when they are likely to be out of the office with illness and also the mood they are in. The Talent Index can measure the impact of reduced or increased working hours by individual, the change in mood when benefits are changed and even the impact of company or news articles on individual performance.

The Talent Index can profile employees and understand their interests and hobbies. It can draw correlations between interests and functional performance, employee benefits and retention. The Talent Index knows how employees operate and what they value and the solution brings the relevant recommendations to the attention of the business in easy to read dashboards and graphs.

The Talent Index predicts enterprise and market talent conditions through trend monitoring, talent clustering and talent profiling.

The Talent Index has the ability to predict talent trends in critical areas, such as future skills shortages by age, function, level, diversity, resignations, sick days, reductions or increases in productivity due to enterprise conditions.

The Talent Index provides a clear, true and accurate Index with a clear view of talent, potential and an optimal recommendation dashboard to ensure that enterprise not only moves to a new standard, but exceeds operational and financial performance targets while doing so.

We are disruptive. We are Talent.


Prediction Lab

Historic data and profile data is used in a Prediction Lab designed by Ti’s data scientists, carefully choosing the right algorithms to create insights and predictions about likely future developments.

Recommendation Engine

Based on the available predictions and a set of given intervention options, the Recommendation Engine uses sophisticated algorithms to predict which interventions will most likely to trigger a desired outcome.

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